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Jun 20, 2012

Anime Doll Head #06

-2St.- Anime Doll Head #06
Japanese "kawaii" Anime Avatar!
::: NEW Emotion HUD Scripts :::
-2St.- Anime Doll Head #06-2St.- Anime Doll Head #06-2
-Sculpted Blinking Head (w/Resize Scripts)
-Typing Lip sync animation
-Emotion HUD (6 type)
-Snow Anime skin
-Modifable shape
-Sample face lamp (1 point)
(Hair is NOT include)

The variation of the eye color has increased.
-4 eye colors (Aqua /Blue /Pink /Yellow)
-6 Emotion each

-Head is copy only
-Shape is modify and copy
-Skin and HUD are copy
Sample Image #06-1Sample Image #06-2Sample Image #06-3
You'll be able to become a lovely Anime Character at once by these complete sets.
Your expression can be changed only by pushing the button of the HUD.
(Head need not be exchanged)