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May 24, 2010

Anime Doll Head #02

-2St.- Anime Doll Head #02
Japanese "kawaii" Anime Avatar!
-2St.- Anime Doll Head #02
-Head is copy only
-Shape and Hair are modify and copy
-Skin is copy

-Sculpted Blinking Head (w/Resize Scripts)
-Typing Lip sync animation
-Changing Eye color HUD (6 colors)
-Pale Anime skin
-Modifable shape
-Sample face lamp (1 point)
-Sample flexi hair
Sample Image #02-2
You'll be able to become a lovely Anime Character at once by these complete sets.
The eye color can be changed only by pushing the button of the HUD.
(Head need not be exchanged)
Moreover, you should be able to wear your general hair.